The strength of knowledge against wear and tear.

The experience we have gained through co-operating on a large number of international projects has enables us to build up the know-how needed to offer the best solution to the problem of wear and tear.


We protect our clients.

Thanks to our experience, backed up by a continuous update, we are able to carry out any kind of protective welding.
The solutions that we propose are the result of a complex analysis, which begins by studying the single component, its use and the kind of wear it underwent; in a second moment we identify the most suitable overlay material, based on its chemical composition and mechanical properties. We analyse the materials’ compatibility and single out the ideal welding process in order to obtain the desired metallurgical structure.

Examples of what we can do:

  • Blades and bucket teeth for excavators
  • Water jackets for crushers
  • Rotating augers
  • Crushers and clamps
  • Rollers and grinding impellers (carbon or cement)
  • Casting and laminating rollers
  • Linear sliding guides
  • Shear knives
  • Cement and carbon hammer mills
  • Anti-wear plates
    Examples of welding types:
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze

White metal.

We glaze our clients’ products.

Thanks to our qualifications, backed up by constant research, we are specialized in white metal cladding.

The white metal coating is carried out by centrifugation at a controlled temperature ensuring a perfect adherence to the base material.

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