Passions and traditions;

Our future is our history.

Back in 1958 the passion and enthusiasm of the Viotto brothers, Aldo, Gino and Lino, led them to establish a company to manufacture and repair electric motors.

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Brothers Aldo, Gino and Lino Viotto decided to found a family business operative in the sector of production and repair of electric motors.

Their company, initially being formed by a dozen employees working on a 350-square -meter production surface, was responsible for the maintenance and repair of electromechanical machinery and burners for local businesses.

Thanks to their achieved specialization level and the reliability of their services, they soon managed to expand into the iron & steel sector.

The Viotto brothers decided to formalize their activity by founding a general partnership.

Thanks to its professionality, the company started to grow and expanded its production scale, including also medium/big carpentry jobs, the construction of high precision parts and the supply of complete machinery. Its production surface grew to 3.000 sq. m. and the employee rate to 50 professionals.

As time passed, a second generation of entrepreneurs (children of the founders) stepped into the business and converted it to a limited company.

Thanks to the revitalized entrepreneurial spirit of the new generation, the enterprise grew to operate on great part of the national territory, expanding its activity to different sectors such as: energy, food & agriculture, textile and petrochemical.

First certification ISO 9001!

The company started to expand its activity also abroad, soon becoming a recognized name in Europe. The development of its electrical (with the production of medium voltage machines) and mechanical (with the foundation of a second production plant) sectors continues steadily up to today.

First certification ISO 14001.

Both offices are located in San Donà di Piave, in the province of Venice, and operate on a covered surface of 15.000 sq. m., with a team of 90 professionals. Thanks to an imposing fleet of machines they can satisfy the completely different requirements of an ample portfolio of national and international clients.

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The Integrated Management System.

Elettromeccanica Viotto has adopted an Integrated Management System for Construction Quality, Safety and Environment, to reduce the environmental impact of their activities and to improve the health & safety of its employees.



The UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 certification ensures our total propensity for environmental protection.



The health and safety management system is being implemented.



The UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification is for compliance with quality standards.

A constant commitment.

With the adoption of the Integrated Management System our company follows the principles of Sustainable Development and of constant improvement, maintaining a responsible behaviour, which is summarized within the following commitments:

Respect both environmental and safety regulations.

Adopt precautions for the prevention and reduction of accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.

Involve all personnel in order to stimulate their awareness and responsibility of activities that may have an impact on the environment.

Pursue pollution preventing technologies.

Identify possible improvements to stimulate the health and safety of the workers.

Involve external companies in the improvement process.

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