The strength of experience in the electrical department.

We mainly operates in the rotating electrical machines sector including, with this term, all of the major types of machines: from direct current to alternating current, medium and low voltage, both synchronous and asynchronous, from a few tens to thousands of kW.


We ignite our clients’ energy.

Thanks to our knowledge, backed up by modern control instruments, we are able to build and repair any kind of electric machine.

In our electric department we assemble and test a wide range of electric machines: with direct or alternating current, with medium or low voltage, with synchronous or asynchronous motors, with dozens to thousands kW engine power.


We supply power to our clients’ designs.

Thanks to our knowledge, supported by an imposing fleet of electric machines, we are able to achieve any kind of motor winding or reed valve.

The electric department employs automatic winding machines, robot shaping machines, vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI), temperature-controlled ovens for the polymerization of resins, undercutting machines, dynamic balancing machines and control instruments.

Testing room.

We give certainty to our clients’ projects.

Thanks to our production capacity, backed up by an imposing testing room, we are able to test any kind of electric equipment.

In our testing room we are able to carry out characterization and reliability assessments with the use of a test bench with eddy-current dynamometer brake (able to grant a continuous breaking power up to 300 kW), applied-voltage tests (in high DC and AC voltages), dielectric loss measurement (tan. delta), surge test, polarisation index and dielectric withstand tests.

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