The power of passion in our works.

Mechanical engineering, with its many different dimensions and complexities, represents a continuous challenge that we keep to invest in.


We bring to life our clients’ projects.

Thanks to our experience, which is supported by modern programming instruments, we are able to build complete industrial machines.

In our assembly section we assemble and test machines that weigh up to 150 tons, guaranteeing the complete respect of their technical specifications. We constantly monitor the progress of our production orders and regularly inform our clients on their status.

Mechanical Manufacturing.

We shape our client’s design.

Thanks to our professionality, backed up by an imposing fleet of numerically controlled machines, we are able to carry out any kind of high-precision mechanical manufacturing.

Thanks to a constant investment in our workshops we can provide turnings up to 2000mm diameter x 20m length, vertical turnings up to 5000mm x 3m height, and productions with mobile mounted boring machines up to 6.500mm height x 20m length.

Metrology Lab.

We value the measurements of our clients.

Thanks to our precision, supported by calibrated measuring instruments, we are able to detect even the smallest deviation from the required specifications.

Our metrology lab operates at a constant temperature and enables us to measure with extreme precision. Thanks to the use of a 3D laser instrument we can supply our clients with a complete measurement report.

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